DesignMagazineCovers_ModernFix_No1Autographed01Modern Fix was a monthly music and culture magazine, published out of San Diego by Michael Bushman and Eric Cutler. The magazine’s main focus was music-based, in addition to videogame coverage, comedian interviews (David Cross, Lewis Black, etc) and comics (Too Much Coffee Man.)

At its peak, 62 free-lance writers contributed to each bi-monthly issue, with 30k copies distributed to twelve states and individual subscribers. As a free publication, we relied on advertising to pay the bills.

The magazine ran from 2000-08 before going on a permanent hiatus.

So, what’s going on now? The site has been relaunched, all shiny and brand new.

We smell like a new car.

Here is a complete list of the printed issue run of Modern Fix. These are worth… like… a lot.