This is Bruno.

In 1969, he modestly started his restaurant, Ai Pioppi, in Battaglia, Italy with some sausages, jugs of wine and other items that he sold from a food stand. Business grew.

About a month later, he needed some items from a blacksmith who was too busy to accommodate him. Being the self-sufficient kind of man he was, he learned to weld.

He decided to combine the two interests and started to build rides to attract new customers to his restaurant.

Forty years later, the forest around the restaurant is packed with swings, multi-story slides, seesaws, gyroscopes, tilt-a-whirls, and bizarre kinetic roller-coasters for adults and children.


Here is a video of the above contraption from the rider’s view…

Some other rides…





Here is a 10 minute documentary on Bruno and Ai Pioppi…