This is Superjoint.

They used to be called Superjoint Ritual… but Superjoint gets the job done just as nicely.

The Philip Anselmo (Pantera) fronted band will release a long-awaited new album in early November called, “Caught Up in the Gears of Application” on Housecore Records, home to many fine noisey bands.


“The minute we started writing, I knew this record would be brutal. Sticking to our true hardcore roots and signature Superjoint sound, we accomplished a record that needed to happen in today’s underground. It’s pissed off,” said guitarist Jimmy Bower, who also plays drums in Down alongside Anselmo.

Phillip offered his thoughts on the record, adding, “The overall theme means many things, or no things, but there is an underlying message regardless, about how modern technology – computers and all that comes with them, mainly – has affected our lives. As a musician, it has affected my life both negatively (music being stolen) and positively (being in touch with fellow musicians around the world and staying visible).”

The first assault has come in the form of a bombastic rocker called, ‘Ruin You’. Relentless guitar chords pound against Anselmo’s strained, raspy vocals.

“This song is an example of how a basic, rock-driven song can still be a powerful thing, in musical standards and lyrical content as well,” said Anselmo about the preview track.

There is a record release party scheduled for Nov. 12th in Dallas, TX… but no tour dates have yet to be announced.