Interview: Gluecifer

by rigablood

If you think rock’n’roll is dead, you’re committing the worst mistake of your life. There’s a land in Europe called Norway. This land has one big city called Oslo where people rock. This is where Gluecifer come from. A mixture of AC/DC, Motorhead and Sex Pistols turned into bluesy riffs and hot vocals that break the iced wall of nu-digi-metal like a bulldozer,and blow away all the fine-hair-fashion dressed emo kids. It’s comin’ from their new, and most celebrated, single and video, “A Call From The Other Side”. Their last release “Automatic Thrill” is doing well on the euro-rock charts and the band is touring incessantly to promote it. I met their “six strings” hero Captain Poon for the second time in a few months, on a very cold, cold night.

Your new single “A Call From The Other Side”, is a really beautiful song, and the video is on heavy rotation on all music channels. SPV (label) is supporting you quite a bit, they must really believe in you.
Captain Poon: Fuck yeah…man, their work with us is still going great. This is the first time in our career that a label works so hard for us and we are very happy about it. Look at this bus, we’ve never travelled with all this luxury, it’s really great!!! Our new single is actually on the top European rock radio stations and so the video was a necessity…do you like it? It was a funny experience and it’s strange to see it on music TV.

It’s going great in Europe, but do you think that the US market can receive this R’n’R as well?
Good question…mmmhhh, Gearhead Records, a label from San Francisco, have printed some of our past works, but for this album I really don’t know. But I think SPV is also working in that direction. I can tell you one thing: when we were there (US), the audience really enjoyed our music, they couldn’t believe that some European band could play rock’n’roll music so fucking well, and at every American show the crowd sang along to our songs really loudly; they like Gluecifer.

Is the “Scandinavian new rock’n’roll” at the top of the great rock revival all over the world?
Do you think? For sure Scandinavian bands play really well, but I don’t think we are better than AC/DC or Motorhead. Maybe right now we are starting this great revival. I think people need some vintage music but at the same time they’re looking for new acts, so in us, or Hellacopters, Turbonegro and Backyard Babies, they can find it.

You forgot another great band: have you never heard about The Hives? They come from Sweden…
Yeah, I know that band, they started on Burning Heart Records and now they’ve signed to a major label. Yeah, I have heard that England and now USA are going crazy for these guys. In London they did a lot of sold out shows.

I’ve seen a lot of rock shows in my life, but I’ve never heard a voice like Biff Malibu (singer).
He’s our ace of spades!!! I think that maybe he’s not the typical singer that looks like a model, you know, but he has a lot of style, and obviously a super great voice. This gives us a special charge that makes our music so good!!!

What do you think about the difference between the kids of our generation that grew up listening to AC/DC and Kiss and today’s kids that think that Blink 182, Linkin Park or Avril Lavigne are the best hard rock acts?
Yeah, but the only thing we can do is to invite them to our show. All that kind of music is built to sell, no passion in it, no love for what you represent. You know how this business is, if you “fall” into the right hands, the right producer, then becoming a star is simple. Every radio station plays your songs, every magazine talks about you… we really can’t change this process. But it’s better if a kid listens to Blink 182 than fucking Jennifer Lopez or Shakira or shit like that.

When I talk to kids and tell them to listen to the big rock and roll bands, they answer: “It’s old music for old people”.
Hey, the only thing you can see is that when AC/DC play all over the world, they play in a huge stadium, so this means that they’re still the kings of rock’n’roll. A lot of people go to their shows right now. I would like to see how many people will go to Avril Lavigne shows in 10 years… ah, ah, ah… times are changing. In the seventies and eighties rock went big, then came Nirvana’s time, grunge history and slowly rock, then English shit/Brit pop time… I hate this period cuz the bands only care about their looks and not their music.

But Oasis and Stone Roses were good?
No comment… but actually I’m happy cuz the music that I like is still coming back. You can see a lot of new bands and interest around the hard rock phenomenon. We are refreshing in this sense, old music played by a new act. And in a few days you’ll see the kids throw their “crappy teenage idols” out the window and start coming to rock’n’roll shows.

Right now Gluecifer and Hellacopters are on top of the new school rock’n’roll. Do you feel like a rockstar?
NO!!! We only play the music that we like the most. Nothing more, nothing less. Our lifestyle has not changed. Even though we signed to a major in Europe (SPV) and play more and earn more money, we know ourselves. I didn’t buy a new Ferrari or a big “deluxe” flat in Oslo (Norway). We continue to live as we always have.

And what do you have to say to a new band that’s just starting to play rock’n’roll?
First of all: don’t listen to our records but go to the roots. Listen to rock bands from the seventies and sixties, cuz if you listen us, Turbonegro, Backyard Babies or Hellacopters you will become a bad copy of our bands. Second: practice a lot before recording an album, because every band needs to build their own precise style. This element is very important to get a personal way of playing. Third: learn your limits; don’t lose contact with everyday life.