Review: Tora! Tora! Torrance! “Get into it”

Tora! Tora! Torrance!
“Get into it”
(The Militia Group)

Sometimes when I’m out drinking myself into an raving idiot,  some of the worst music that I have ever heard is played.  Creed is blasting, and people are buggin’ the fuck out to the shit.  I lose all hope in humanity and order another drink.  Just then the immortal intro to “Back in Black” starts, and I remember how much I love rock.  Blasting, ass-kicking, sweaty, in your face, rock.  AC/DC must have signed a deal with Satan in order to be kicking out the jams that hard.  Tora! Tora! Torrance! may not have signed a deal with the dark lord, but they might have some kind of verbal agreement with him.

“Get into it”  offers you the listener, crunchy, driving, sounding rock riffs, with interludes of strong emotional outpouring (Almost like, P.I.L. meets early Seaweed).  Frontman Nick Koenings brings a snotty, mid 80’s punk vibe to the mic, but allows himself be more diverse as far as emotional range.  Some well placed clap tracks also add some flavor to the record and will have you bringin’ those hands together!  Songs such as “Shot Down in America” and “Miles Well”  are a few of the cooler tracks on the record representing some of the diversity of the album.  Over-all I have to say the record is kinda cool.  I wouldn’t spend fifteen bucks on the album,  but I would spend it on some booze and a dirty mag so make your own choice! Rock on!