Review: The Ex Models

The Ex Models
“Other Mathematics”
(Ace Fu Records)

Spastic jangly rock.  Stings like a paper cut.  Edgy guitars clip against structures that strip down and build up.  A Drive Like Jehu sound with psychotic Mark Motherbaugh from Devo filling in the lyrics.  Songs slip by averaging around a minute and a half.  Pelting you with small doses of artistically neurotic music.  The minimal bass against the repeating guitar drones will bring some Fugazi to mind, with a quirkier ideal.  Its this attention to the slap and strum calculations on the guitar that give personality to The Ex Models.  Crafted but not cutesy catchy.  Very rhythmic as The Ex Models favorite musical trick is the pull the song apart like a piece of taffy, stretching one section out until it starts to droop… threatening to snap, than cramming the whole thing into their mouths and mushing it all together again.  Laced with surprises, a challenging listen that entertains through its precision.