This is Sacramento, CA based band Deftones.

They’ve been dropping albums since 1994.

Often they are gritty and abrasive, but when singer Chino Moreno smooths it all out, he wails upon distortion soaked waves of spectral dissonance that allows the Deftones to soar above the snarl and growl trappings of the metal world in which they find themselves most at home.

The band has a new album entitled, “Gore” scheduled for an April 2016 release date.

An advance single called, “Prayers/Triangles” has been released for your listening pleasure.

It definitely slides along the dreamier spectrum of the bands sound, but some erratic tension woven into the mix about halfway through steers the dynamic into darker waters.



**Bonus: Rare, unpublished picture set of the Deftones from a live show in San Diego, CA touring in support of the, “Around The Fur” album (1997-1998).

Photo credit: Michael Bushman


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