This is the current lineup of Megadeth.

Longtime fans will recognize lead singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Dave Ellefson. However, it is the new additions of Chris Adler on drums (Lamb of God) and Brazilian born guitarist Kiko Loureiro (Angra) that will ultimately determine the sound and feel of the new album, “Dystopia”.


Mustaine has been very vocal in his admiration of the addition of Kiko to the Megadeth ranks.

“You can tell when somebody has feeling in their playing verses someone that can really play well but has no feeling. Kiko’s got this incredible knack for being able to pick up on stuff I show him. He takes it and makes it his own.” said Mustaine.

The full length, “Dystopia” dropped in January of 2016 and has spawned two uniquely animated videos.

Here is the title track in all it’s gory awesomeness…

The first single to have been released off this album was the blistering, “The Threat is Real” displaying fine vintage Megadeth form.

Here is Dave discussing the songwriting process for the new album..



Bill O’Reilly gives a shout-out to Dave Mustaine and Megadeth’s new “Dystopia” album… seriously…