This is Violent Soho.

They are from Australia and make perfect alt-90’s grungey indie rock.

If you’ve ever got chills from the perfect Dinosuar Jr song… Violent Soho will share their drugs with you.

There is a raw vulnerability in singer Luke Boerdam reaching for notes he can’t hit, but somehow sounds better because of it.

Violent Soho ride the admirable line between ragged distortion and crisp pop sensibilities… a formula Nirvana, Mudhoney, and the Pixies embraced.

A formula Violent Soho proudly staples across their sound on their upcoming album, “WACO”.

WACO, explains singer, guitarist and songwriter Luke Boerdam, is like “Hungry Ghost’s older sister: Hungry Ghost” dealt with the spiritual skeleton we’ve become from this spoon-fed reality. “WACO is more about control and illusion: what the skeleton is being fed.”

Anticipating the release, the band has let loose the second advance single called, “Viceroy”.

This is Violent Soho hitting the peak of their stride…

The band dropped one other single in advance of the new album, called, “Like Soda”.

This band does alt-90’s better than 98% of the bands that made the 90’s cool enough to inspire this band…

And if you are still checking this band out… listen to, “Dope Calypso”… the track that turned Modern Fix onto these demi-gods of alternative crunchy freshness.

Smashing Pumpkins wish they could have written a song this good…