Myrkur Announces Mareridt To Be Released In Fall 2017

Danish composer and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Myrkur will be releasing her forthcoming album Mareridt this fall on Relapse Records. It was produced between Seattle, WA and Copenhagen by Randall Dunn (Marissa Nadler, Earth, Sunn O))), Boris, Wolves In The Throne Room). This is the follow up to her 2015 debut M.

The new album features an array of special instruments including violin, mandola, folk drums, Kulning (an ancient Scandinavian herding call) and the nyckelharpa (a Swedish key harp). Stream her video playing Scandanavian Folk on her nyckelharpa which she explains “is almost like a violin with buttons” and that the ancient traditional device as “not easy to get a hold of.”