Abhorrent Decimation Releasing The Pardoner on July 28th

London based extreme death metallers Abhorrent Decimation will be releasing their upcoming sophomore album The Pardoner on July 28, 2017 via Prosthetic Records. The 10 track, 50 minute opus was recorded, mixed and mastered by bassist David Archer at Audio Empire. The intricate artwork for The Pardoner was created by German illustrator Karmazid, based on a visual concept by vocalist Ashley Scott.

Scott comments on the lyrical content of the album:

“Lyrically, the album opens with a scene setter. ‘Pardoners’ would often operate with a partner called a ‘Soothsayer’. A ‘Soothsayer’ would visit a town prior to ‘The Pardoner’s’ arrival. It was his job to stir locals up regarding their sins and the repercussions thereof. He would advise people that if they could find a ‘Pardoner’, they should do so and atone for their sins by buying a pardon or indulgence.

Tracks 2 to 7 are the story ‘The Pardoner’ tells of the three men, avarice and Death. In many places throughout tracks 2 to 7, I actually use Middle English turn of phrase. In some places, I have used my own interpretation and translations of Chaucer’s work and in other places; I introduced some of my own narrative and details. The idea was to create an obvious storytelling feel to this section, with word play and rhyme playing a major role in what I did, as I wanted to ring as true to the original as possible. Track 8 is my own conclusion of the inexorable nature of death and greed. Track 9 is an instrumental and then the record closes with Track 10, The Pardoner. A sort of self damning, confessionary monologue.”

The Pardoner official track listing:
01: Soothsayer
02: Heretic Sacrifice
03: Votive Offerings
04: Granted Indulgence
05: Black Candle Gathering
06: Conspire
07: A Glass Coffin Burial
08: The Scythe in the Dark
09: Host
10: The Pardoner