Bloody Hammers Share Cover Art For New Album

bloody hammers

Transylvania County, NC duo Bloody Hammers have shared the cover art for their album Lovely Sort Of Death, out August 5, 2016 via Napalm Records.

Anders Manga on Lovely Sort Of Death:

“We live high on a mountain with a steep treacherous driveway so when any snowfall happens, we’re stuck for days. Luckily, as a result of all the isolation, my songwriting mood ended up much more on the darker side than previous records. The songs are heavy, but not always heavy. I wanted to create more atmosphere than before. It’s a stylistically varied record, which I’m very proud of. I used the Moog more on this album, which blends well with the heavy guitar fuzz tones. It’s definitely my favorite album so far in every way.”

bloody hammers lovely sort of death

The track listing reads as follows:

01: Bloodletting On The Kiss
02: Lights Come Alive
03: The Reaper Comes
04: Messalina
05: Infinite Gaze To The Sun
06: Stoke The Fire
07: Ether
08: Shadow Out Of Time
09: Astral Traveler
10: Catastrophe

Deluxe Edition Bonus CD
01: Altar Of Fear
02: The Shrine
03: Halloween
04: At Dawn They Sleep

LTD 4 Panel Digipack CD
1LP Gatefold edition
Strictly LTD 4 Page Digipack & Bonus CD – 300 worldwide
Strictly LTD 1LP Gatefold & Bonus CD – 200 worldwide