Immortal Issues Updates On Forthcoming Album

immortal 2016

Immortal have issued updates on their forthcoming album along with other updates on the band. While the album and song titles were yet to be revealed, the band did comment on the new musical direction:

“This will be our darkest and coldest album in a long time: pure Blashyrkh metal the way our fans know it, with massive, majestic riffs, grim, frostbitten vocals and tales from our mighty realm. Fast and furious tracks, epic tracks and longer playtime than any of our previous albums.”

Founding Immortal member, lyricist and guitarist Demonaz is now also handling the vocals.

“The massive fan support has been very inspiring and we will not let down the fans. This last year, we have completed all the new songs and look forward to record our most passionate album in a long time. The songwriting process has been awesome and we are soon ready to start the recordings.”

In a time when true and original black metal is nearly dead, the band is in ultimate spirit:

“After the last year’s incidents, it was time to go back to the roots to what this band is really about musically, and also to take the integrity of the band back to where it belongs. Cold, grim, uncompromising Blashyrkh metal with a true feeling is what we deliver.”

Between 2010 to 2014, the songs for their forthcoming album were written by the band, but ex-member Abbath left in 2014 and he changed the lyrics, song titles and recorded these songs for his so called “solo album.”

“We had to focus on making a new album nearly from scratch, which is the main reason why things have taken this much time. We are now looking forward to record the new album and present it to all those who have shown their loyalty and support. Immortal have always been a unique and unstoppable force, and that goes for our fans as well. We will never change our music or attitude.”