Nuclear Hatred Appearing At Thrash Bash BBQ V

nuclear hatred 2016

New Jersey/New York crossover thrashers Nuclear Hatred (formerly Zamboni) will be performing at Thrash Bash BBQ V in Wantage, NJ on July 30, 2016.

Chris Brutera commented on the return for the fifth and final time of the single most metal East Coast event:

“The Thrash Bash BBQ has been going on since 2011. Rob [Orr] and myself founded it because we realized nobody does barbecue shows anymore and thought it’d be a great time to hang out with our friends and appreciate each others music. After a time it statred getting traction and we began getting touring bands. The venue is Rob’s garage in Wantage, NJ (116 Libertyville Rd) because he has a lot of land and it’s in an isolated area, so we don’t have to worry about noise complaints. It’s also got a pot luck type of vibe as far as food goes where everyone has to bring something. After a fun 4th event last year where Sonic Pulse headlined, we decided it’d be best to end the event after 5 bashes, as it’s becoming too expensive to put on for free. The purpose of the bash is to showcase the best local bands NY and NJ have to offer and give bands on the road a drama-free day to play and eat – because food is expensive on the road and you’re wallet dictates what you eat, which is not always the best thing for you. It’s about bringing people together for our love of music.”

thrash bash bbq v 2016