This is Soundgarden.

Classic early-mid 90’s Soundgarden to be precise.

Prime Soundgarden.

Those who caught them on tour in 1994 heard material that would be on the the monster huge album, “Superunknown”.

They were also witness to a surreal short film called, “Night Surf” that the band used to start their shows (followed by the group cranking into ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ as their opening song before going into the soon-to-be single, ‘Spoonman’.)

The bizarre short was written by bassist Ben Sheppard and directed by his brother Henry.

Soungarden guitarist Kim Thayil remarks: “Those who were in attendance and attentive to the intro at a Soundgarden concert during this tour have been the only ones fortunate enough to view and hear ‘Night Surf’. The film had been buried in storage, and only recently was it located, dusted off and remastered for its debut here, online or anywhere.”

And let’s never forget… this is why Soundgarden is the shit… check out this live version of ‘Jesus Christ Pose’… notice how much drum Matt Cameron pulls from such a small kit.

In case ‘live’ isn’t your thing… (seriously, this is one of the best songs that ever came out of Seattle…)