This is part of the sprawling 600,000 square foot City Museum in St. Louis, MO.

And it is awesome. Look at how dangerous this looks! It must be beyond fun.

The ten-story building was originally home of the International Shoe Company.

After it sat abandoned, artist and sculptor Bob Cassilly envisioned a place for kids of all ages who enjoyed running wild among the debris of a manufactured society.

Included in your playground adventures:

A sky-high jungle gym making use of two repurposed airplanes, two towering 10-story slides and numerous multi-floor slides, a rooftop Ferris wheel and a cantilevered school bus that juts out from the roof, subterranean caves, a pipe organ, hundreds of feet of tunnels that traverse from floor to floor, an aquarium, ball pits, a shoe lace factory, a circus arts facility, restaurants, and even a bar. All the materials used to build the museum including salvaged bridges, old chimneys, construction cranes, and miles of tile are sourced locally, making the entire endeavor a massive recycling project.

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