Review: Agent 51

Agent 51
““Keep on Runnin’””
(Suburban Hooligans Records)

I HATE POWAY.  Agent 51 is another Poway, rich kid, rip-off band.  Blink 182 waxed their chests and ripped off Green Day-now we have Agent 51, the nice-looking suburban kids who went out and stole Rancid’s chord progression sheet, set up a studio in one of their parents mansions, and went to work.  The music is so blatantly stolen I didn’t even laugh, in fact it almost brought a legitimate tear to my eye to see the continuing downfall of this strange little thing called punk rock.  The CD booklet has these guys dressed up like the Reservoir Dogs and pointing guns at the camera-you just can’t get more poser than that.  I even listened to the CD a coupla’ more times to make sure there wasn’t a little bit of dignity involved-there wasn’t.  One of the lines said something to the effect of. . . .”Been watchin’ my back my whole life” or something like that.  I guess in Poway, if you don’t watch your back you might get run over by a 16-year-old kid in a brand new Mercedes his mommy and daddy just bought for him.  Spare me.  I had to clean pools in Rancho Bernardo and Poway this summer to scrape by and not one of those rich idiots even asked me if I wanted some water in the scorching hot weather.  I hate Poway and their music.