Review: Amen

““We Have Come For Your Parents””
(Virgin Records)

The first sentence of Amen’s press release reads as follows: “As far as punk-rock goes, Amen might just be today’s closest thing.”  Well, I think the people at Virgin Records have a twisted (stupid, maybe-or absolutely no sense whatsoever) idea as to what these two abstracted words entail.  Amen are NOT punk rock.  They kind of sound like Machinehead, but lead singer Casey Chaos (Come on, man) looks like Rachel from friends.  Screaming, and a kind of Motley Crue on steroids and amphetamines (biggest compliment I can think of).  The music slows and screams, slows and screams something about Calvin Klein, then ends.  I was waiting and waiting for the band to settle into a groove and work as a unit.  It seems the members are all playing separate parts that do not come together to form one cohesive, driving machine.  One of the dudes has the same haircut my Mom had in 1987-strange.  Amen needs to tone down their image and just concentrate on the music.  Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard Amen you’re not missing anything.