Review: AMFM

““Mutilate Us””
(Polyvinyl Record Co. )

Mutilation is definitely one of the themes of this album.  Also included are: Your girlfriend dying (yea!), fire, ovaries, glands, Tokyo and space, the final frontier.  Okay, none of these themes have anything to do with each other, so?  Well, that’s what you get when you listen to this album.  The opening is a weird “La La” thing that spooked the hell out of me.  I thought, “What the hell?……” but the first song kicked in and hooked me.  “Mutilate Us” is not your run of the mill album; it is a low key mix of essential rock styles sculpted into something pliable.  This album, as expected, is very easy to listen with extremely clever lyrics.  The second cut (well, third if you count that gay beginning)  “A best man (put my girlfriend on fire)” flows like a 70’s top forty hit.  In fact, remember that song that came out in the 70’s, something about being down on Main Street?  Oh well, anyway, AMFM is a mixture of so many different styles that I don’t have enough room here to list them.  From Dylan to Neil Young and everything in between, they sweep an entire genre of rock.  This album is well put together and is great for listening to intently or just using as background music.  If you are looking for music without any semblance of hard edge in it, then this is your band.  Tune them in and let them carry you away.