Review: …And Oceans  

. . .  And Oceans
““Allotropic / Metamorphic-Genisis of Dismorphism””
(Century Media)

A unique new piece of Scandinavian black metal, . . .  And Ocean’s latest release features keyboards and programming so far out in front of the mix this album may well alienate fans, but might go far enough to entice some folks who aren’’t yet.  Regardless, it works well here and leaves a mark on Euro-metal not unlike the one left by Iron Maiden’s “Somewhere in Time” on the British new-wave O’ metal.  The songs are smart and savage, sacrificing none of their brutality for overall electro-polish, but still manage to come off as hyper-tech.  One of the most successful hybrids of Euro-techno and Euro-metal I’’ve heard, this is well worth checking out for people inclined to like either.  Best of both worlds, kids . . .  like dropping ecstacy and burning a church.