Review: Antifreeze

““Four Letter Words””
(Kung Fu Records)

Straight from the hills of Wisconsin comes Antifreeze.  Although they now reside in Austin, TX, the band still rocks all over the U.S.  Antifreeze is a killer rock-bred band likened to Weezer and Blink 182.  They manage to catch an interesting sound using clever chord progressions and new concepts. Take the song “Bankruptcy” with a strong beginning that melts into a killer hip hop beat which in turn grooves into another rock feel.  This amazing writing puts them in a league of their own.  “Is He Your Boyfriend?” is a smoking starter with a catchy melody.  The lyrics are pretty typical though they are not bad in any respect.  “On and On” kicks in with a killer guitar intro and flows into a strong Green Day-like song.  “Four Letter Words” is a really enjoyable album with much to offer.  If you are looking for a rock band with something different to offer, then you will love Antifreeze.  I tried to view their website, but it wouldn’’t load for some reason so if you want to hear them you will have to buy their CD.  I have a feeling that Antifreeze will become a very popular band, if not even going as far to say that they will make the MTV rotation.  At the very least they will make the MTV II rotation!