Review: Big in Japan

Big in Japan
““Destroy the New Rock””
(Honest Don’s Records)

Big in Japan? They should be big in America.  A mish-mosh of punk riffs and awesome drumbeats that have hints of Screaching Weasel and Elvis Costello.  Hell, Fuckin’’ Joey Travers is the second coming of Elvis Costello.  They have taken a classic style and upgraded it with songs like “New Dead Boyfriend”, a tongue and cheek ode to an ex’s new flame.  “Hell Before Reno” is an angst-ridden song about living in a small town and having your life pass you by.  The songs have great hooks and a wild energy that makes you want to go see them live.  If you long for the day when pop punk was on the cutting edge and the riffs were more original than the Backstreet Boys, go pick up this album.