Modern Fix



I do not own a Bosstones album. I can recognize about two songs in their set. I in no way consider myself informed enough to offer live critique of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones or their genre. Honestly, the cool guys at Side One Dummy hooked me up for this show because my mom was in town to visit and I wanted to take her to a rock-n-roll show where she wouldn’t sustain any hearing loss or get inadvertently tossed into a pit trying to make her way to the restroom.
The following are my (unqualified) observations I managed to note about the show:

The soundman was bunk and couldn’t get Dicky’s voice up over the backing vocals. How uncomfortable is it to strain to hear the frontman’s singing, only to have the back up singers voice come blasting forth on top of the the whole band. Very awkward and it remained that way through most of the set.

Once the vocal levels were better adjusted, my mom leaned in and said, “Is he losing his voice?” Those familiar with the craggy vocal stylings of Dicky Barrett will immediately see the joke in this.

Musically, the horn section was outstandingly tight with a backup vocalist on the trombone that was a MUCH better singer than Dicky. But Mr. Barrett has never really made any claims to be a stellar singer. He explained their absence from touring was due to his, “Taking singing lessons.” No, the Bosstones are much more about energy and the sincerity that translates from knowing this band loves to do what they do.

The band played, the people jumped and danced joyously. The Bosstones are a pretty happy vibe. Dicky even stopped the show in mid-song to make sure a girl who had gotten dumped over the rail was OK before resuming the set.

Dicky made numerous announcements about their appreciation of the always solid crowds and love shown for them in San Diego. Tonight’s packed show seemed to add one more to the list.