Review: Brother’s Keeper

Brother’s Keeper
““Fantasy Killer””
(Trustkill Records)

When I was in high school I was the singer in a band called Brother’s Keeper.  Unfortunately, we sucked.  These guys don’’t, which explains why they’re out touring and making music while I’m sitting at my computer scratching my toes.  “Fantasy Killer” packs a full frontal hardcore assault meshed with smart lyrics and melodies thicker than Rosie O’Donnell.  Brother’s Keeper reminds me quite a bit of a less rap-influenced Rage Against the Machine, as Mike Ski’s vocals encompass that edgy De La Rocha indictment towards society, while still flowing nicely with the music itself.  The heavy guitars and pounding bass perfectly set a frenetic pace that Ski’s vocals mercilessly rip apart.  Anyone stoked on Boy Sets Fire and Snapcase will definitely want to check this one out.  As an added bonus, “Fantasy Killer” is an enhanced CD, complete with a video for “I Shot JFK” and a couple of live performances at some high school in Syracuse, NY.  The video is decent, but in both of the live shows Ski’s vocals are turned down way too low, and Brother’s Keeper makes a virtual cacophony on the school’s basketball court.  If you’’re going to go to the trouble to attach some footage of yourself on a CD, at least make it quality.  Unless you want to windup writing reviews.