Review: Carnalforge

(Century Media)

The third album from thrash/death metal act Carnalforge entitled, “Firedemon”, is an album for those who feel let down by the change in bands like Slayer.  Carnalforge has obvious connections to the old school style of heavy metal: some screams, mostly sung lyrics, lots of palm muting power cords.  At times slowing down in ways that will tickle your ear the exact same way that albums like “South of Heaven” did.  This is not to say that Carnal Forge is simply a Slayer rip-off, far from it.  They have a certain element of hardcore that I can’t seem to pin down, and are quite interesting in their own way.  They just haven’t completely left behind the bands that inspired them to play.  “Firedemon” is a fast and furious album, although at times a tad  repetitive, Carnalforge quickly moves on in to more expressive riffs and cadences.  They cross the bridge of what is death and speed metal several times, but fortunately in a way that is different enough to be theirs alone.  Topics of songs can quickly be understood by the song titles like: “Pull The Trigger”, “The Torture Will Never Stop”, and “A Revel In Violence”.  The oddity I found was the length of most songs was in the two-three minute range, not what one usually expects from metal, making the typical long developments of song structure happen in half the time.  “Firedemon” is worth checking out if you like the loud guitar style of heavy metal.