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The Fourth Annual Forbidden Fantasy Show – by brad


Rain soaked grounds and cold mountain air didn’t keep the 450 plus mini trucks and sport compacts away from the 4th annual Forbidden Fantasy mini truck and sport compact show held at the Perris Fairgrounds in Perris, Ca. With many new faces at the show you were sure to see the latest in trends among the enthusiasts add in old faces from last year with their finished project vehicles and you have one of the biggest one day truck shows in southern California.

All the major clubs were representing hard including No Regrets, Negative Camber, Ground Zero, Down to Earth, Chemically Imbalanced, Sunset So Cal, Act One, Deliberate Intenionz, Hazardous Creations, Severed Ties, Intense Minis, X-Cessive Noise, Genesis, Local Finesse and Art of Noize. Judging was not going to be easy for the members of Forbidden Fantasy this year with wild painted on graphics and completely shaved vehicles becoming more and more of the norm, along with multiple custom cut vinyl stickers on the imports attending the show. Quickly going through rolls of film the coolest trucks of the day were the two lifted ford suv’s. An orange Ford Excursion with an air-lift suspension along with a white Ford Expedition was so high in the air that I could nearly walk under the two of them. Also in attendance was Master Image Customs one of the largest custom truck companies on the market with 6 vehicles in attendance they have been know to produce some of the craziest looking vehicles over the years.

This year’s show was great. Forbidden shows have become one of the most popular shows over the years, being recognized as the largest one day mini truck shows and will go on attracting fans from all over. Next years show is expected to be even bigger than this years, it’s definitely worth checking out.