Review: Affront

“People Who Live in Glass Houses”

Average sounding melodic punk rock that at times borders on hardcore.  Back up vocals go, ‘Whoah-oh-oh-oh.”  You know the drill and if you don’t this is most likely of no interest to you.  There’s nothing on the album that can’t be predicted from note one of each song: here we speed up, here we shout, here we harmonize, here we attempt to clone the Fat Records sound, here we succeed at cloning the Fat Records sound, here we attempt to court both fans of Offspring and fans of Anti-flag.

Affront is for those who like their punk on the faster side of things, up-tempo (of course) with traditional old school style vocals, but still poppy enough so that the kids at your next party when mom and dad are out of town won’t cry in the corner and pray to Christ for forgiveness.