Review: Air Formation

Air Formation
““Ends In Light””
(Drive-In Records)

I’ve definitely become a huge fan of space-pop.  When a band’s instrumentation has an angelic quality and just seem to meander your mind into a coma it’s right up my alley.  Most notable as of late is the recently hyped Sigur Ros who undeniably deserves all the success in the world.  Air Formation employs an ever-present and often nagging synthesizer for the base coat of every song with warm poppy bass guitar, somber undistinguishable and hard to understand vocals, and perfect drum machine sounding percussion.

Their synth player has a chill job because Air Formation is just so damn cathartic.  The keys are definitely not all spastic like Doves keyboardist Robaleski’s but have that same textured sound that makes everything melt.  Although Air Formation is not epic they would be a great choice for anyone who enjoys Sigur Ros, Sam Prekop, or Brokeback.  If you are sad because Radiohead is a rock band once more, buy this album.