Review: Allergic to Whores / McCarthy Commission

Allergic to Whores/McCarthy Commission
“Crawling for the Machine/Untitled”
(Rodent Popsicle Records)

Allergic to Whores occupies the first half of this split L.P. like an angry indiscernible mob.  Their sound is dissonant, loud, clashing against itself and otherwise enjoyable with snarling wildcat vocals and chant along choruses that creep in for contrast.  This is not poppy punk rock; it’s abrasive, roughly and barely produced music that exists for the sake of making a noise and getting people to turn their ears over and listen for just a goddamn minute. The next half of the digital compact disc that will provide me with a lifetime of listening enjoyment if stored and treated properly is occupied by McCarthy Commission.  They are also a punk rock band in the same somewhat more crusty tradition as the previous band on the split L.P.  McCarthy Commission has been kind enough to print up their largely unintelligible lyrics and I see they are quite political with large jabbing thrusts of anger directed at the NRA, George W. Bush (they don’t name names but it’s obvious) and the Christian Coalition.  I’m glad to see that some folks are still pissed off and have their eyes open enough to see how fucked the years 2000 to 2004 (if not longer) are going to make us.