Review: The Amazombies “Bitches and Stiches”

The Amazombies
Bitches and Stiches”
(Go Kart)

This CD looked fucking killer from the second I received it. Not only does it have a wicked cover and cool title but the cover is embossed with this silver shit that makes it look even more badass. Gimmicks aside, The Amazombies have their shit together and have written a pretty cool album here. The band features the same kind of fire and 3-chord punch that drives the music of The Distillers and previous labelmates The Donnas. The raw, gritty feel of the production compliments the bands sound well. I’d definitely like to check these guys out live as the CD has a real live feel to the music. The biggest drawback The Amazombies face is the fact that their songs tend to bleed into one another. There is nothing truly distinct about each song that separates it from the previous one. Despite that fact, I really dug “Bitches and Stitiches”.

James Wright