Review: AM/FM

““The Sky Is The New Ground””
(Polyvinyl Record Co.)

A short four song ep from the multi-talented and multi-dimensional duo AM/FM.  The band which is comprised of Brian Sokel and Michael Parsell is probably best known for their first LP “Mutilate Us” which pulled its sounds from a number of different genres and carried with it a large range of comparisons.  For the most part this ep follows in suit with the duo’s pop-rock arrangements, but the use of symphony like string arrangements has created an opaque wall of sound that really makes this band stand out.

The most notable track is certainly “All To Remember” which is an all encompassing “live while you still can” sort of ballad with a sweet harmonica part, a full symphony orchestra, wonderful drum machine, and electronic (not electric) guitars. Hopefully, this is just a taste tester for what will be a substantial release in the near future.