Review: Asterisk


Solid noise. This is a brick wall with tiny cracks to look through every once in awhile. Asterisk assaults you with 40 grind-core songs on a single disc. All of them are at break-neck speed with headache inducing screams. The album is not user-friendly. The website is unreadable, the songs sound like someone running across freeways while over-dosing on crack.

I gave it a spin and made it to song 13 before turning it off. Not a very good showing with 27 songs yet to hear. A positive on the album is the song titles. “The Word ‘Blood’ is Mentioned 109 Times in Macbeth” is a personal favorite. “Vowel Sounds Turning into Motor Humming” and “French is French in Phonetics” are also fun to read, just not to listen to. Reading through the song titles is much more enjoyable than actually listening to the songs, unless of course you are freaked out on crack and racing cars on the freeway.