Review: Bayside / Name Taken

Bayside / Name Taken
“Split EP”
(Dying Wish Records)

Where did these kids come from? This is one of the best indie-punk sounds I have heard in awhile. Bayside (from the East coast) and Name Taken (from the West coast) are two solid bands with a sound that will be eaten up by Warp Tour and indie rock fans. In no particular order, let me present the two in
their own separate glories.

Bayside (unfortunately sharing the name of Saved By the Bell’s high school, attended by future strippers) is a trio from Long Island who echo Alkaline at moments. “Cold and Blue and Lifeless” is a little more pop-punk than I’d like, but it is a world above Good Charlotte.  During “Answers We’ll Never Get” chills fall out of the acoustic guitar as lyrics about death and regret pour from the speakers. Bayside has been working their way up for awhile and hopefully they will reach their peak soon and stay there.

Second on the EP is Name Taken. This foursome has one an amazing sound. A little bit of Sunny Day Real Estate and a lot of Atticus influence can be heard, even though Sunny Day didn’t show up in their influences on their web site (NFG did, but I won’t hold it against them).

The most amazing thing is that no one in Name Taken is over 20. Their lyrics loosely talk about relationships and how much they suck, but in a way you wouldn’t expect from an 18 year old. But the youth is what gives the music its strength. It is untainted. It sounds the way a 17 year old girl feels
after she loses her virginity and finds out the boy didn’t really love her. Crying in a basement bedroom while her parents read sports statistics and talk about meat loaf in the living room.

Don’t be surprised to see Name Taken become a household indie rock name and help them on their way by picking up this split.