Review: Big Baby Satan

Big Baby Satan
(BBS Music)

At first this album comes across as a wretchedly dull, unbelievably lo-fi, stoner metal band.  Once the ears adjust to the production, rendering it non-distracting, it’s clear that this is indeed within the stoner metal camp albeit gifted with a certain something extra.  The extra comes from a guitar player who is undoubtedly familiar with classic aggressive metal and hardcore.  There’s an anger in this guy’s playing beyond the anger of running a little low on pot.

The vocals are competent; they remind me of stoner metal vocals ala Fu Manchu mixed with a seething punk undercurrent that never quite breaks the surface.  When the band picks up the tempo the production again becomes a problem forcing the ears to constantly adjust to the poor drum sounds (although the production is far, far superior to Metallica’s “St. Anger”).

To say you’ve heard all this before would be an understatement, however, based on the overall feel of the album the band doesn’t take themselves all that seriously.  Sometimes this can be a shortcoming; for these guys it’s not.  It’s important to remember rock and roll is supposed to be fun.  That gets forgotten a lot lately.