Review: Bottom of the Hudson

Bottom of the Hudson
“The Omaha Record”
(Absolutely Kosher)

I’m still not really sure what this band is going for.  Although most of these songs start off as quiet acoustic tracks they quickly flourish into either mid ’90’s like fuzzy, quaint indie rock or piano laced brit-pop.  On the indie rock side you have extremely fuzzy distortion with soloing guitars that are sometimes out of control, mixed with folk like acoustic guitars (which is pretty far stretching even for indie rock).

The soloing guitars are not like Dinosaur Jr., but more like Jane’s Addiction where the use of spastic noise is a little less involved (assuming J. Mascis even knew what he was doing).  On the brit-pop side, “Eagle Eye” is the best point of reference because of the poppy piano, use of shakers, and fuzzy harmonized vocals that could easily be mistaken for a Beatles cover.

Another song that sounds like it was recorded in the ’60’s is “Soldier” because of the overall organic sound of the recording and psychedelic effects.  This record jumps all over the place in terms of sound, but does manage to keep me fairly interested in the material.