Review: Bright Calm Blue

Bright Calm Blue
“A Direct Approach For Casual Conversation”
(Level Plane Records)

Hey buddy, cheap whiskey warms up the ole tum tum.  Didn’t you always think that Sour Mash was sort of a suspect name for booze?   This weekend my buddy Donnie barfed up a plate of spaghetti in the bushes after one chug of this poo-poo.  Seeing people puke always makes me laugh my ass off, how about you?  These are all direct approaches to casual conversation.

OK well, how to describe Bright Calm Blue?  Well, they sound kind of indie, kind of punk and kind of metal.  The vibe of the songs at times reflects hints of prog-rock, and the snotty mathematical rants of postpunk.  “A Direct Approach For Casual Conversation” has some originality, but at times loses soul at times of overt technicality.  Not that this is Rush or anything but, sometimes less is more.  In the morning my pee-pee is too yellow and I know I need more water.