Review: Bullets ‘N’ Octane

Bullets ‘N’ Octane
“One Night Stand Rock N’ Roll Band”

You see, this is the kind of band you want to beat the shit out of: they’’re obviously so talented that they could be a leading force in the world of real rock ‘n’ roll, but their greed for the flash (models and limos instead of hookers and taxi cabs) makes them sell out their own ability with saccharine songs about nothing. They spew out these pop songs with subtle hints of real rock beneath them, but instead of incensing us with balls-out riffs, they’d rather be on the cover of Teen Beat or something lame like that.

For some reason, they keep making me think of Lit and that’s never a good idea. Liken what these clowns are doing in regard to say, the Supersuckers to Sum 41’s take on NOFX… …sad, isn’’t it?