Review: Burnthe8track “The Ocean”


“The Ocean”

This CD couldn’t have come at a better time. I put this in after listening to a couple hours of hardcore bands and I gotta tell you I couldn’t have been more excited to hear it. Sounding somewhere in between Hot Water Music and Thrice, Burnthe8track rely on guitar hooks and powerful melodic vocals that make listeners crave their sound. The songs are punchy, have melody and feature enough rock to bring a crowd of screaming Warrant fans to their knees. The track ‘The Line Starts Here’ reminds me of a Canadian band called the Doughboys who I always thought were highly underrated; very cool stuff here. ¬†Burnthe8track have crafted a solid debut that fans of all genres could get into whether you’re into punk, metal or straight ahead rock. Without a doubt one of the more impressive debuts I received, but we’ll have to wait and see if their stay in my CD player is an extended one.
James Wright