Review: Calexico

“Convict Pool”
(Quarterstick Records)

Fresh from the frayed ends of salvation (aka Tucson, Arizona) come the Mariachi alt-country rockers known as Calexico, and their latest EP “Convict Pool.”  “Convict Pool” is essentially a collection of three new songs, “Alone Again Or,” “Convict Pool” and “Sirena,” which were all penned by Calexico’s prolific frontman Joey Burns. The other two songs on the EP are reworked cover versions of the classic Minutemen song “Corona” (aka the theme from MTV’s Jackass) as well as a song originally done by Dominique Ane, entitled “Si Tu Disais.”

Calexico’s passion for mariachi music and southwestern culture shines brighter than the driest western sun on “Convict Pool.” Although just a brief follow-up to 2003’s critically acclaimed “Feast of Wire,” Calexico deliver a strong dose of what do they best: refreshing original music with a tinge of spaghetti western and mariachi influences, combined with the sensible assurance of alternative country. Despite naming their band after a small border town in one of the most remote and desolate places in the world where the searing heat keeps most sensible residents indoors, Calexico manage to flourish with creativity and musical growth with considerable ease. Puro Calecia pendejo!