Review: Calibretto

“Dead by Dawn”
(Standard Recording Company)

“Dead by Dawn” has got some major organ action in it.  Seriously, like more than a Doors album, if that’s even possible.  Organs have always kind of creeped me out, you know?  I think they remind me of the circus and that place is damn creepy.  “Dead by Dawn” is a little creepy, too.  Calibretto’s singer, Joseph Whiteford, sounds a lot like whoever sang for the Violent Femmes (I understand they might still be together and I apologize for using the past-tense).

Add to this a little psychobilly rock and some circus ska and you’ve got a release that’s tough to ignore musically-either you’ll think it’s pretty different and cool or you’ll end up skipping through each of the seven tracks (two without vocals) in a matter of minutes.  Personally, I’m one of the guys who opted for the latter route, shirking my way through these little ditties about werewolves (“Full Moon”), serial killers (“American Psycho”), and scary things in the woods (“Don’t Go In the Woods”).

These guys definitely aren’t some kind of death-kill band though, ’cause they used to be on Tooth & Nail, so their album is clearly intended to be taken with a bit of a smile.  And if you buy it, someone will definitely be laughing at you.