Review: Callenish Circle

Callenish Circle
“Flesh Power Dominion”
(Metal Blade)

The production on Flesh_Power_Dominion is a slightly heavier version of the similar production used by the current slate of MTVX Nu-Metal bands which, even though Callenish Circle is far removed in ferocity, speed, vocal style, level of skill, technical proficiency and ability to keep their songs interesting from the nu-metal herd that production alone dulls my ears and causes me to withdraw; as does the green hue of their artwork which also reminds me of Nu-Metal.  It seems that there isn’t a video on MTVX that doesn’t have that sickly green lens tinting fouling up every shot.  I’ve come to equate green tint with the sign of total shit, lack of originality, vile herd mentality and directors who are far too in love with “Fight Club,” but, again I stress, this has absolutely nothing to do with Callenish Circle.  They are a band that draws heavily upon old bay area thrash, new European black metal and classic Floridian Death Metal which they pay their respects to with a cover of Death’s classic “Pull the Plug” from “Leprosy.” And that is the perfect capper for the album because, and believe me it’s no coincidence, that’s the best damn bit of music on this album.  It’s a song that’s now fifteen years old and a hell of a lot more brutal and disciplined than most of the slop currently slopping around in the old slop bucket.