Review: Calling Blue Skies

Calling Blue Skies
“Thanks To You”

Oh, how the lines of subgenres are starting to blur! See, as you’ve heard any crusty punk blab on about, once was a time when there was no such thing as subgenres. Punk was punk and that included ska, hardcore…whatever. Then we got incredibly anal and subdivided everything to the point of being East Chicago and West Chicago emo. Proving that things are getting back to one big melting pot, Calling Blue Skies are the most obvious SoCal pop/punk band on the planet, but have gone for the oh-so-cool reference of “emo”.

Quite honestly, there isn’t enough whining and griping on this record to classify it as emo. In actuality, the upbeat drum beats and bouncy vocal deliveries over four chord riffs are too much fun to be as obsessive as emo. Still, the annoying overuse of off-key backup harmonies is indelibly emo and almost makes “Thanks To You” lame if you can’t block them out. All in all though, this is an impressive release for a super-indie band.