Review: Carnal Forge

Carnal Forge
“The More You Suffer”
(Century Media)

Carnal Forge return with “The More You Suffer” after 2001’s “Please… Die!” and to my endless delight they are better than ever.  “Please… Die!” was a mediocre offering of stale old school thrash ideas benefiting from modern, drums way the fuck out front, production values.  Carnal Forge’s song writing has vastly and broadly improved, as have vocal melodies and the vocal style.  The vocalist has found a strong voice for himself with great backing vocals harmonizing over choruses.  The band itself has found a power far greater than before and has learned that variations in the full-throttle momentum can actually be a good, solid groove, idea.
What the title of the album means I can’t be sure, but perhaps it’s “The More You Suffer… the better your art.”

The album kicks off with one hot rockin’ metal anthem that kicks, spits, swings and flips you off as the band in their very metal way scream, “Hell!  Blood!  Fire!” and that about sets the tone for the album.  If you’re a “Hell! Blood! Fire!” type of gal or guy, then Carnal Forge (A.K.A. Meat Furnace) is the band and “The More You Suffer” is the album.