Review: Champion

“Count Our Numbers”
(Bridge Nine)

Bridge Nine is, without a doubt, the finest hardcore revisionist label around. Every B9 release looks great, sounds great and embodies the essence of hardcore’s passionate roots. The new Champion EP is no exception. Six songs of high velocity, mid-80’s straight edge hardcore with the spirit and emotion of Dag Nasty or a sober Black Flag. This has all the best that SxE has to offer, without sounding common. Instead, the music here is fresh and exciting, with a feel of determination and insistence not prevalent in most hardcore these days. The hoarse vocals are delivered with purpose and power, belting out empowered lyrics of being, believing and achieving. The guitars pummel and drive without ever losing their melody. The bass is diligent and thick, while the drums keep time with the intensity of a galloping rhino. There is nothing lacking here. With two excellent EPs behind them, their next effort should prove to be a real barn-burner. My only hope is for a full length, because twelve and a half minutes go by too quick. Seattle represent! Hardcore has a new Champion.