Review: Chaos Breed

Chaos Breed
“Unleashed Carnage”

Sludgy fast metal approach with a punk like execution and recording process.  The sound on the album is probably much thinner than the attack Chaos Breed delivers in a live setting.  Chaos Breed is eternally evil sounding, whether it’s blistering fast or crawling over glass.  Vocals are a bleat of growls and grunts but supplied with a snarling conviction, so don’t look them straight in the eye.

The production holds this release back a lot more than the unoriginal territory the band treads ground in (kind of like that vibe you get when you listen to old misfits albums and realize it’s no wonder Metallica versions kicked their ass).  But the music scowls with an underground desperation, which works well to give personality over proficiency.  A few snappy breakdowns and switches into blastbeat high gear can capture the ear, but much of this might just rip on by in a grimy haze.