Review: !!!

““Me and Guiliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story)””
(Touch and Go)

!!!’’s “Me and Guiliani…” is different. The release is an anomaly among records today. Consisting of two tracks about nine minutes in length, the e.p. attempts to provoke an onslaught of dance revolution; however, the reaction that ensues seems to be one of confusion and lost interest rather than anything else.

!!! prepare the album with intense art accompanied by an explanation of their unusual name. The idea of three exclamation points as a band name leaves the listener to decide any three noises to repeat successively to achieve the desired effect. After toying with the beauty of repetition for a couple minutes, it’s difficult to maintain interest.

Taking cues from the electro-clash wonders of the world, the music is packed with heavy drum and bass, consisting of the same post-punk open hi-hat dance beat. The self-proclaimed dance backbone supports an array of effects and a catchy phrase like “Can you feel it? Intensify!” (I can only assume the repetition of this phrase is intended as a distraction). Both songs slowly drift off into a psychedelic craze ultimately blending into any sort of background.

Certain guitar riffs and effects show obvious influence from The Clash during their experimental post-Jamaican travels, The Pop Group, and even Depeche Mode. Ending the second song, some jumpy effects loops provide for an incredible surprise—even enough to jolt the listener from their musical coma.

The album is beautiful to ignore; it’s undoubtedly uninteresting, and soon to be talked over at a party near you.