Review: Chumbawamba

(Republic / Universal)

Try saying Chumbawamba ten times in a row fast.  It’s pretty tough isn’t it?  Well, this is how many different sounds you get in the illustrious ten disk history of Chumbawamba dating back to the 80s.  On this album the band has sampled and looped lyrics to create a folkish sound.  On the third track “Home With Me” while the lyric “your world my world” is constantly playing the band amply describes their love of the world and all the different places where life’s beauty can be seen.  It is almost as if they shoot down ownership of the world and say the world belongs to everyone and everything in it.  I really like this celebration of life and the cross examination of human selfishness.  This band certainly loves the world and hates that its destruction.  It gives me the same feeling I get from listening to Zero 7.  On another notable track “If It Is To Be It’s Up To Me” the band calls for all humanity to embrace the world and do the world justice.  This album is an experience.  Their global angst which dates back to their punk roots is a very important part of this record.  This is a worthy cause and a worthy record.  Celebrate the earth!