Review: Comin’ Correct

Comin’ Correct
“In Memory Of”
(Triple Crown Records)

“In Memory Of” unleashes inner angst unseen in hardcore for years.  Fueled by the loss of Rick Healey’s father to cancer, this album touches off deep sentiments and blasts into rounds and rounds of heartfelt hardcore.  Comin Correct has blanketed the world with constant touring and has built a loyal fan base.  What started out in 1995 as a side project for Healey formerly of 25 Ta Life and members of Krutch has turned into a full time gig.  This album shows musical intricacy as well as uncompromised passion for hardcore.  Any hardcore fan must check this out as well as anybody who likes the heavier side of punk and metal.  At times the vocals overshadow the super heavy, driving rhythm section but all in all, this album is very true and well produced.