Review: Copykill

“Victim or Witness”
(Alveran Records)

Copykill lyrically embraces the hardcore tradition of having your brothers back, embracing what’s in a person’s heart and not on their back, and spitting rage at what the zoo-like politics of the world have done to this planet and its people. Musically Copykill play in that vicious hardcore metal crossover fashion that is father to the moshy riff, the killer hook, the aggravated sore-throated vocals and hard-hitting drums. It’s amazing how much in the tradition of NYHC this band of Germans sounds.

They play with the sharp technical precision that has practically become a trademark of musically heavy German bands. The songs all offer anthems of aggression thick, but not muddy, adrenalized, anthems of aggression, hate, distrust and other youthful worries that eventually get pushed aside in lieu of worrying about rent. I’d say the general attitude is sort of like that of Travis Bickle. He’s angry, shiftless, wants a cause, any cause and is willing to go full-blown for whatever cause it may be. Copykill even samples a choice bit of DeNiro’s narration from Taxi Driver just to show their like-minded nature with the confused, maladjusted and socially awkward Travis. If you soak your contact lenses in urine overnight be prepared to have a pissy outlook on life.