Review: Corporation 187

Corporation 187
“Perfection In Pain”

You know the term ‘genre filler’?  If not, I will explain.  When you create within a well marked out territory you run the risk of regurgitating what has come before you.  Sure, a twist here, a flourish there, but the bulk of the meal is leftover from last nights feast.  Now, it can still be tasty, but it’s far from “fresh”.  I think you can see where I’m heading with this and what it has to do with Corporation187.  Overall it’s quite good.  It thrashes hard.  Earning the comparisons to the New Wave of Thrash Metal they drop on the promo copy (The Haunted, Dew Scented, Darkane) all of which, should be noted, I would recommend before Corporation187.  But if you just can’t get enough new school thrash, that sounds a lot like old school thrash with that European/German traditional flair, who I am to stop you.  This will do the trick.  Fuck, I will rock this.

But critically, to illustrate the point in realistic terms.  If you swung by, and I had a Slayer CD, Dew Scented CD, The Haunted CD,  In Flames CD and this Corporation187 CD lying in a pile and you only had five minutes before you had to bolt… I would assume you already have the Slayer CD, I would burn you the Dew Scented because you probably haven’t listened to that yet (even though it was on our cover, fool), stick the In Flames CD in the player real loud and shout “Hey, have you heard that new The Haunted CD yet!?  It fucking rips.”